Browser Automation and Web Scripting

Create and automate tasks for Chrome and Firefox.

The World’s Most Popular Web Automation Solution

iMacros web automation software works with every website to make it easy for you to record and replay repetitious work, including sites using dialog boxes, frames, Javascript, Flash, Flex, Java and AJAX.

Support for Chrome and Firefox

With iMacros you can create and automate tasks across all major browsers, including Chrome and Firefox. There is no new scripting language to learn, allowing you to easily record and replay actions on each browser, so even the most complex tasks can be automated.

Automate and Work More Efficiently

iMacros can run multiple instances simultaneously and it can be scheduled to run in the background while you use other programs, or during non-work hours. iMacros provides visual recording and playback of all web activity and the macros you create in one browser can be played back or edited in another, as needed.

Form Filling

iMacros eliminates the tedious repetition of checking the same sites every day, remembering passwords, and filling out web forms. iMacros is an efficient form filler that can auto-fill web forms that span several pages. All information is stored in human-readable, plain text files that can be edited easily. Passwords are stored securely with secure 256-Bit AES encryption.

Web Automation with Image Recognition

iMacros’ image recognition support lets you automate and test websites using images instead of cumbersome X/Y coordinates. It's easy to create an image of the target element - such as a button - using the Image Validation Wizard, and then iMacros finds it on the page during macro playback. Even when the button has moved or changed color, iMacros can still find it on the page by applying a tolerance threshold. Since iMacros relies only on the images that are rendered in the browser, it works independently of the underlying technology used to produce the site.

Excel Web Queries

iMacros integrates directly with Excel and other MS Office applications, and comes with a complete Excel VBA project that includes sample macros, along with the VBA script code. You can easily customize the project to meet your needs.

The Benefits of iMacros…

iMacros can interface your software with online databases and websites sites like Amazon, eBay or In addition to recording and replaying macros, it also provides a simple yet powerful programming interface (API) for controlling (scripting) the browser. With iMacros, it's never been easier to automate both simple tasks and advanced workflows in the browser, regardless of whether the target site is local (such as a device that has a built-in web interface for configuration), located on your company intranet, or hosted on the internet.

iMacros makes it easy to enter data from a spreadsheet into a website, or populate a spreadsheet with data extracted from a website. Use iMacros to automate mundane tasks, such as logging into a forum and automatically deleting posts that have been flagged as spam by a forum moderator. You can use it to check for available jobs or work items and be the first to respond. Enhance your research prowess by automatically entering keywords into an online search form and extracting the results. And of course you can initiate all of these actions either manually or have them performed regularly on a scheduled basis or even triggered by another program or script.

iMacros boosts your productivity by efficiently and accurately performing the tasks that are better suited for a machine, saving you time and money and sparing you and your employees from carpal tunnel syndrome.


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