Image Validation

Image validation combines the flexibility of DirectScreen with computer vision algorithms. By making use of the image validation features in iMacros via the IMAGESEARCH and IMAGECLICK commands, you can create macros that are able to visually verify content as well as interact with parts of a page based on a target image.


The Image Validation Wizard included with the iMacros browser can be invoked while recording in order to capture target images and insert the desired commands into the macro. Of course, any screen capturing tool can be used to create target images.

Taking advantage of image validation gives you the ability to create macros that are resilient to certain types of changes in a web page’s HTML code, as well as changes to the physical layout of elements on the page. iMacros can even handle variances in color and shading based on a tolerance level that you specify via the CONFIDENCE parameter.

Macros created using mostly image validation commands tend to be shorter and self-documenting, provided, of course, that you are giving descriptive names to your target image files.


Image validation is also commonly used for automating legacy web apps built with Java, Flash, or Silverlight, and for easily manipulating more complex web elements like date pickers and dynamic drop-downs.


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