iMacros Editions

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Personal Edition

Windows only

Professional Edition

Windows only

Enterprise Edition

Windows only

Limited to 50 actions/commands/
lines. Available for Firefox and Chrome.

Provides unfettered web automation experience for users of the iMacros add-ons/browser extensions. 

Does not include the standalone iMacros browser.

A great fit for users who need to perform automation, data extraction, or web testing in a business/enterprise environment.

Includes the standalone iMacros browser.

Manage complex automation, extraction, and web testing workflows using a powerful API; includes 5 iMacros Players for end-user distribution.

Forum Support Only + Technical Support + Technical Support


per license

per license

per license

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Manual iMacro Playback




Play Macro (.iim) Files



Playback Unencrypted Macros




Playback Encrypted Macros (.iimx)



Standalone iMacros browser



Distributed Playback

5 iMacros Player Licenses Included
iMacros Playback via API


Scripting / Recording
Macro Recording
50 actions limit



Macro Editing (Unencrypted Macros)




Encrypt Macro Files (.iimx)


Automate via API


Password Encryption




Integrate with Excel (VBA) and other 3rd-party tools/app


Image Search / Recognition






Automation & Testing
Website Response Time Measurement




User-defined Variables



Download Files




Upload Files




Screenshot full web page



Screenshot browser window



Command Line Interface



Task Scheduling



Batch File Support



Support LevelForum Support Only Forum Support Only
Product Updates are not included
12 months Technical Support & Product Updates12 months Technical Support & Product Updates
iMacros Free Version

iMacros functionality (limited to 50 actions/commands/lines) is available as a free browser extension for Chrome and Firefox from our Downloads page. These versions are free for personal use only. Business use requires a Personal Edition or higher license.

iMacros Player

Enables distribution of macros as an add-on to an Enterprise edition license. Contact sales for volume discount information.

$99 Per License

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