OpenEdge Feature: Advanced Business Language (ABL)

The cornerstone of Progress® OpenEdge® is its powerful programming language: Advanced Business Language (ABL). ABL is the only language on the market specifically purposed to build end-to-end business applications, including business logic, user interfaces and complex data management.

Build better applications – Faster!

Unlike other languages, ABL empowers application developers to manage relational data in a way that models how the business operates.

Here are just a few examples of what makes ABL stand out from other languages:

  • Clarity: ABL makes it easy to leverage business terminology and statements to quickly express and understand rich business rules.
  • Productivity: Single programming statements in ABL can do the work of hundreds of lines of code in a general-purpose language such as Visual Basic or Java.
  • Flexibility: ABL includes all programming methodologies, enabling developers to combine and integrate classes with procedures and vice versa.
  • Power: ABL is the only mainstream development language that provides built-in capabilities to access, manipulate and store data from different data sources and formats (including relational databases, XML, structured and unstructured files, user-defined formats, etc.) combined with sophisticated business logic.

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