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Enterprise organizations often deal with a wide array of XML documents. As business requirements change with time, efficiently integrating these outlying XML messages with core systems and databases usually requires intense manual coding and architectural complexity, consuming valuable IT resources and slowing operational responsiveness.

Data Integration Suite effectively answers these data integration challenges, automatically integrating business-critical XML data with disparate enterprise systems. With no development required, Data Integration Suite maximizes developer productivity and delivers a responsive, flexible data integration solution, allowing developers to seamlessly integrate XML at runtime to any enterprise application.

  • Ease of Use – maximizes developer productivity (up to 20 times less code), slashes development costs and time-to-deployment for data conversion initiatives
  • Economy of Scale – optimal performance with all major relational databases, providing consistent, standardized integration with minimal cost
  • Durability and Scalability – unrivaled performance for very large XML files (multiple gigabytes) via high-performance streaming architecture
  • Comprehensive Heterogeneous Connectivity – supports integration with virtually any enterprise data source, including RDBMS, flat files, EDI, and custom formats
  • Abstraction – allows software developers to focus on the business object model of the data rather than dealing with the low level physical differences
  • Compliance – same level of compliance across all data sources, providing developers the highest degree of standards-based, reliable and stable performance in any environment
  • Portability – easily embeddable with no platform or application server required, eliminating architectural complexity
  • Cost-Effective Solution – works as a stand-alone solution that offers a lightweight software footprint, at an affordable costs, and does require a larger application stack

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Customer Quote: Gevity

Data Integration Suite provided a generic standards-based solution to work with relational and XML data that was easy for developers to learn and use, fit easily into our architecture, and performs well.

Madhavan Rangarajan
Java Architect

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