practical primer

Big Data, Analytics, and Hadoop in the Enterprise: A Practical Primer

The size and complexity of global data is exploding, beyond even the most aggressive predictions. Learn how next-generation data scientists are drawing new insights from new sources, turning volume into value through improved management decision making. Learn why the Hadoop ecosystem is at the center of Big-Data innovation, and why it’s one of the best new adoption trends.

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Real-Time SQL Access to Salesforce.com

Real-time SQL Access to Salesforce.com

Most organizations have used a variety of approaches to get their legacy applications and Salesforce.com to talk to each other. However, this webinar will show you how with real time Salesforce.com access, powered by SQL, and using standard programming APIs, you can get your legacy application closer to your Salesforce.com data and dramatically increase your return on investments across your organization.

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SaaS at the Spead of Business: App Performance on Overdrive

Saas At The Speed Of Business: App Performance On Overdrive

Join this timely webinar to learn how to eliminate SaaS performance bottlenecks by optimizing data access. You'll learn how to architect new SaaS apps to maximize performance and how to remediate performance issues in existing SaaS applications.

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High Performance Access to Cloud based Data

High Performance Access to Salesforce.com and Other Cloud Data Sources

What if you could use your existing applications connecting to Oracle, SQL Server and DB2 to also access Salesforce.com? Imagine, running real-time reports and storing data with Salesforce.com just like it was any other relational database. In this webinar, you will see examples of an industry leading BI tool querying Salesforce.com in real-time.

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Driving Real-Time Analytics with Spark SQL and DataDirect

Driving Real-Time Analytics with Hadoop and Spark SQL

In this webinar, we share recognized thought leaders from Progress® DataDirect® share their unique perspective on the Big Data landscape and give you real-world insight into up-and-coming players, including Hadoop. You’ll also get a deep dive into one of the leading-edge Big Data trends out there - SparkSQL and how it lets you access the data in Hadoop faster!

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Big Data Trends and Open Standards

Big Data Trends and Open Standards

We'll also explore how innovation around standards is disrupting large-scale data sets like Hive, Impala, Spark, Cassandra, MongoDB, and others - making data widely consumable and creating a vast landscape of standards-based applications and consumers. And you'll hear about the important role that connectivity plays in Big Data and when selecting your database.

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Getting Behind the Firewall

Getting Behind the Firewall How a SaaS Application can get to on-premise data

Ready to discover how your SaaS application can get to on-premise data? Discover how Itron, Inc. accelerates data integration with on-demand, secure access to cloud and on-premise data in this short webinar.

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DataDirect Cloud & Salesforce

DataDirect Cloud and Salesforce

Jason Choy, Vice President of Product Management from Salesforce explains how Lightning Connect gives you easy integration with your customer data while the superior OData service in DataDirect Cloud gives you the ready-to-go, real-time connectivity you need to access it—whether it's in the cloud or on premise behind the company firewall.

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Data Integration for a Cloud World

Rethinking Data Integration Webinar

Dealing with data integration has always been a source of headaches. And now that your applications must leverage the cloud, you have a whole new set of problems. We discuss best practices around how your data connectivity headaches can be quickly and easily resolved with Progress DataDirect Cloud.

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OpenEdge Pro2

Progress® OpenEdge® Pro2 – Making data replication “cool”

Data replication may sound boring. But with OpenEdge Pro2, data replicated to SQL, Oracle or another OpenEdge database gives your business executives a whole new range of options for reporting or analytics. Learn how OpenEdge Pro2 data replication is the fastest, most reliable, efficient, and “cool” replication solution on the market today.

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Virtual Tech Lab: Modernize Your Existing OpenEdge Applications with Kendo UI

Modernize Your Existing OpenEdge Applications With Kendo UI

You’ll learn how you can create stunning apps with Kendo UI. Designed with input from our Product Engineering teams, this webinar will demonstrate the power of Telerik’s Kendo UI and OpenEdge!

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Modernization on Demand

Modernization On Demand: Addressing Changing Eligibility Requirements

Taking the lessons of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), governments are turning to technology – such as automated business rules – to help them prepare for constant and inevitable changes in government policies.

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Business Modernization

The Business Value of Application Modernization

Today, more and more businesses are seeing Application Modernization as the key to competitive advantage. This webinar, featuring Progress Professional Services gurus, will show you the 7 ways Application Modernization can help your company realize real business value and beat the competition.

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high availability

High Availability Isn't Good Enough: Enhancing Application Architecture for Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and Sybase for ISVs

In this webinar, we will explore the challenges of designing applications and complex systems for high availability. We will also show how to increase the uptime of your environment by having smarter data access components while lowering your IT costs.

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Tripling Your Application Performance in a Virtualized Environment

How To Triple Your Virtualized Application Performance

Did you know the data connectivity used by your applications is the source of one the biggest virtualization performance bottlenecks? Learn about an easy way to eliminate this bottleneck and boost your virtualized application performance up to 300%!

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Trim the Fat in Your Bulk Data Warehousing Housing Process

Trim the Fat in Your Bulk Data Warehousing Processes with ADO.NET

Want to streamline your bulk data processes? Watch this webinar to learn how to simplify and slim down your architecture, and boost your bulk data loading performance.

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Architectural Considerations for Building High Performance Database Applications

Join Rob Steward, VP of R&D, as he discusses the data architecture considerations for various technology scenarios such as Web–based apps, server-based apps, SOA, event–based applications and more.

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Accessing SQL Server from IBM Cognos BI Server

Access SQL Server from IBM Cognos

Relax and watch this quick 15 minute webinar. Sumit Sarkar, Principle GCS Engineer and IBM Certified Consultant, presents this webinar and provides a quick 8 minute demonstration on how to access SQL Server from IBM Cognos.

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BRM Webinar Series

Business Rules Management Webinar Series

Learn how Progress® Corticon® can help developers and business users collaborate to handle the complex, rapidly changing regulatory requirements and business logic changes that company strategies and policies demand. Learn how to achieve significant impact to your top and bottom line by using Progress Corticon in this two-part, on-demand webinar series.

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Optimizing your data for better Performance

Industry Insight: Optimizing Your Data For Better Performance

More than ever, performance matters to you—and to your customers. In this webinar, you’ll get game-changing insights about best-in-class data connectivity plus performance tips and trends for 2015. Our industry experts will share invaluable information based on real-world scenarios, including how to get the best performance from your data lake, improve your performance to cloud-based and on-premise data stores, and fast and easy access to your data from mobile devices. View now and stay ahead of the data integration curve in 2015--and beyond!

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