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Proactive Decision-Making with OpenEdge Pro2

BI and analytics fuel the success of today’s industry leaders, enabling them to make better decisions in less time. However, these systems ultimately rely on quality data—good decisions can’t come from stale data.

Progress OpenEdge Pro2 offers real-time data replication for your OpenEdge application, without disruption to normal business operations. This empowers organizations to:

  • Improve proactive decision-making
  • Reduce the footprint of their database
  • Remain compliant with data transfer regulations
Watch this webinar to see how OpenEdge Pro2 is helping hundreds of businesses worldwide be more proactive with their decision-making.

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Run Lean with OpenEdge Managed Database Services

Migration to a cloud infrastructure has numerous benefits including decreased costs, innovation agility and minimizing the burden of infrastructure management.  But for some OpenEdge applications it requires significant modernization investments.  What if you could decrease the cost of traditional on-prem application management and the need for highly-skilled talent without migrating your application today?   

Watch this webinar and you’ll see what other MDBA customers are doing, the benefits they see, and how they are saving operational costs.

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The Progress Application Evolution Approach

With Progress as your partner, there is no need to delay the Application Evolution process any longer. You are in an ideal position to seize the new opportunities that will present themselves with a move to a lighter and more fluid cloud architecture. We now offer a prescriptive Application Evolution process, designed to initially focus on one area of the application. This process enables you to continually improve your application as business requirements shift. The result is an application that is always producing value, enabling the organization to evolve, thrive and compete. 

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Say Hello to Pro2 6.0

Pro2 6.0 makes data replication even easier to help you meet the ever-growing need for fast, seamless access to data for analytics, reporting and business intelligence.

We invite you to watch this webinar to learn about the many new features packed into this significant release. You’ll learn how Pro2 6.0 helps you to:

  • Ease data migration and ensure backward compatibility for version upgrades
  • Leverage OpenEdge Change Data Capture (CDC) to deliver near real-time replication
  • Increase productivity through guided replication set-up 
  • Minimize configuration and management effort through modern, intuitive web interface 
  • And lots more!

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Digital Transformation and the Modernization Imperative

Digital Transformation and the Modernization Imperative

In this webinar, IDC Analyst Al Hilwa and Progress VP John Harlow examine the importance of modernizing apps as part of a digital transformation strategy, as well as how to get started.

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Business Modernization

The Business Value of Application Modernization

Today, more and more businesses are seeing Application Modernization as the key to competitive advantage. This webinar, featuring Progress Professional Services gurus, will show you the 7 ways Application Modernization can help your company realize real business value and beat the competition.

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