Mobile Architecture Series: Why Mobile Requires a Four-Tier Architecture

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Many enterprises are struggling because their IT architecture was built for the web, not mobile. IT demands consistency while lines of business need agility, and the two are caught in a tug of war that ends up stalling mobile projects.

A four-tier enterprise architecture can help businesses achieve both. This webinar will show you how a four-tier IT architecture creates an environment that lets lines of business operate at the speed of innovation and change, while IT works at a measured pace to ensure compliance and security.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
• Why mobile requires a four-tier architecture, and that three of these tiers are likely missing from your technology stack
• How a loosely coupled architecture enables ""two-speed IT"" by empowering lines of business to iterate rapidly while IT takes a slow and secure route
• Where mBaaS fits in the architecture stack, and how it helps accelerate mobile app delivery and drive consistency across enterprise systems integration

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