Leveraging a Four-Tier Architecture: Real World Use Cases

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18 leveraging-four-tiers-depth-real-world-use-cases
In our first mobile architecture webinar, we discussed how the four-tier architecture plays a vital role in the new mobile strategy. In this webinar, we will take a deeper look at specifically how enterprises are integrating mBaaS into their four-tier architecture. 

Join us as we go over several mobile application use cases, dissecting how enterprises create their apps and how they leverage the new mobile architecture paradigm to produce great apps in the shortest time and while generating the most ROI. 

You'll see:
• A selection of use cases that are actively being used by some of today's leading enterprises
• How these apps were built and how they leverage the four-tier architecture
• Why using this approach leads to quicker time to market, excellent ROI and cost savings

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