Using the Knowledge Base Site

March 28, 2022

Using the Knowledgebase Site

Welcome to our quick overview on how to use and search the Progress Knowledgebase site.

There are many ways to access the Knowledgebase. If you are on the web site, you will find a link to the knowledgebase in the Support menu. If you are on the Progress community, a link to the knowledgebase can be found in the Resources menu. You can also access the knowledgebase by simply typing in your browser.

This is the knowledgebase homepage. Here you will find the download for the ProKB tool. This is a Windows based application that gives you access to the entire Progress Knowledgebase offline. We only recommend using this tool if you are in an environment without internet access.

The quickest way to find information you are looking for is to use the search bar at the top of the page. As you start typing, you will notice query suggestions. These are suggested searches based on what you are currently typing. Selecting one of the suggestions immediately takes you to the results. If none of the suggestions match what you are looking for, just continue typing your query and click the enter key or click the magnifying glass icon.

Once you are on a results page, simply click on any result to view the details of that article. Clicking on a result opens the article in a new tab in the browser. This is so you don’t lose the search results.

These boxes on the left are known as facets. Facets help you filter your search results. For example if I am a WS_FTP Pro user and I want to find out how to migrate my stored sites from one computer to another, I might search for migrating sites. As you can see, this returns results from most of the Progress Products. But I can drill in by simply selecting WS_FTP in the product group facet to only see results specific to the WS_FTP product.

Since we are talking about facets, I will point out another way in which you can access the knowledgebase. If you are on the Progress Community and are on one of the product pages, the knowledgebase links here automatically add a product group filter for you. Now when I search, it only shows results that are relevant to the WS_FTP product group.

To wrap things up, your feedback is important to us. Whenever you are viewing an article, you will see the feedback box on the right. Providing feedback helps us improve our content. If the article was helpful, simply click the yes button. If not, click no and let us know how we could improve.

Thank you for joining us today, and I look forward to seeing you in a future video!

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