Rapid Application Development with Progress Pacific

June 24, 2014

Take a quick video tour of the Progress Pacific console, so you can see just how quickly and easily this cloud-based platform lets you build and deploy powerful web or mobile business applications. Progress Pacific is a flexible, high-productivity Platform as a Service (PaaS) that frees you and your IT team from time-consuming and costly manual development to build data-driven applications. The easy-to-use interface and model-driven development approach lets you rapidly deploy your apps using Progress Rollbase. Progress DataDirect Cloud enables you to connect your applications to your data sources and SaaS applications wherever they're located--whether on premise or on a public, private or hybrid cloud. Progress Easyl lets you easily integrate, visualize and share your data for better decision making.
Tags: DataDirect Cloud and Hybrid Rollbase aPaaS Data Connectivity Product Overview Hybrid Data Pipeline (Self-Hosted)