Each month, we publish a newer version of Unite UX and we provide release notes on this page giving a summary of those changes.

Unite UX 0.6.0

January 30, 2020

Beta 4 is now out! More theme customizations, transfer from Sketch improvements, lightning fast application generation, new components for designers and developers, additional style properties for components in the Studio, and many more. See the highlights below, as well as the full list in the Release Documentation.

More Theme Customizations in Sketch

Designers, we know you want to have full control over your theme and the ability to customize for your creative needs. We continuously work to improve your capabilities with the plug-in, while at the same ensuring that your changes will be automatically transferred to your beloved developers (after all we want to make their life easier, too, right?)

Here are some of the new theme properties you can customize:

  1. Border (on/off, width, radius, color and opacity)
  2. Gradient
  3. Shadow


Transfer Paths from Design to SVGs in the Studio

Speaking of making life easier for everyone, we are now transferring all paths from the design to SVGs in the Studio.

Lightning Fast Application Generation

Your development just got significantly faster. With Generate we only generate your latest changes—not the whole application.

For full project generation you can still use Command/Control + G.

New Components

We are constantly adding in new components to extend the library with our beautiful, rich and flexible Kendo UI suite on both the designer and developer side. We’re moving fast with our goal to have all components available to you for a seamless start. This time we have added:


Click on a component to check out extended documentation for it.

Have the Ability to Change Style Properties for Components Inside the Studio

We are adding more ways to apply style changes to components with visual UI editors in the Studio. Change color, background color and border color for most of the components and their states in the Unite UX Studio.

Use our Feedback portal to suggest a feature or report a bug.

Suggest a feature

Suggest your idea in our features portal. Check out our prior releases in the changelog.


Unite UX direction is evolving!

Dear friends, after gaining plenty of great experience and feedback through working with you, our direction evolves to better serve your needs. Our mission to bridge the design to development gap remains unchanged. The way to solve it, though is new. Visit our webpage to meet the new Unite UX: The collaborative design to development UI components builder.