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.NET Tools for UI Development

The Challenge of UI Development for Business Apps

Your business apps need a UI to span every form factor—web, mobile, desktop—and they need to evolve as the business does. To develop and deliver those apps quickly, you need comprehensive, robust, versatile tools.

The Solution

Telerik—The Industry Leader for .NET Development

Progress® Telerik® toolkits include more than 1,250 UI components for all .NET and JS Frameworks, as well as multiple themes, skins and customization options for web, cross-platform mobile and desktop development.
In addition, reporting and report management solutions, document processing libraries, automated testing and mocking tools. 


Choose From Robust Tools

Get 14 UI suites for all .NET and JS platforms, plus reporting, testing and mocking tools.


Leverage a Versatile API

Use a familiar Microsoft-based API and customize your apps to your exact specs.

Get Expert Support

Receive expert support from the developers who built the tools plus support for the latest .NET development patterns.

Get Economical Bundles

DevCraft bundles include Telerik .NET tools, Kendo UI JavaScript components, Reporting and more plus support at affordable, royalty-free price points.

The Business Benefit

Telerik UI Libraries Cut Development Time

Telerik tools span all .NET and JavaScript technologies, deliver outstanding UI with a broad array of styling and customization and can cut development time by as much as 40%.

Get Every .NET Tool 

Telerik delivers UI controls for any .NET framework including must-have controls such as Grids and Charts, as well as smaller niche ones like Maps, Gauges, Diagrams, Calendars.

Tailor Themes to Business Needs

Every Telerik toolkit comes with numerous themes and skins to help you tailor the look of your web, mobile or desktop app to the needs of your business.

Leverage Powerful Reporting

Use Telerik Reporting to create, style, view and export rich, interactive and reusable reports to support the business. Supports: ASP.NET Core, Blazor, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET AJAX, HTML5, Angular, React, Vue, WPF, WinForms. 


NASA Taps into New Audiences with Progress

NASA's Curiosity rover has been exploring Mars for years, collecting a giant archive of raw data in the process. To make this data more approachable and usable for scientists, NASA turned to Progress Telerik to make a more intuitive web application.


Progress Telerik

Deliver striking UI with the most complete .NET toolbox for web,
desktop and cross-platform mobile development.