WS_FTP Scope of Support

What is Covered for Maintenance Paying Customers:

Product Guidance & Troubleshooting

Providing explanations for & guidance on:

  • Basic overview of product functions
  • Configurations
  • Diagnosing/Troubleshooting
    • Errors generated by the WS_FTP applications
    • Errors that occur when connecting to WS_FTP applications
  • Analysing WS_FTP Server or Professional logs
  • Performing Root Cause Analysis
    • Reviewing WS_FTP and related logs
    • Reviewing product configurations
    • Determining if the issue is, or is not, related to WS_FTP

Upgrades and Migrations

  • Answering questions about upgrade paths and recommended hardware requirements
  • Resolving errors that may occur during upgrades or migrations

3rd Party Product Integration

WS_FTP products are capable of interfacing with 3rd party products. The support team will provide support for establishing a connection between WS_FTP and an external tool, where we have experience. Any configuration or troubleshooting assistance of a product outside of WS_FTP is not supported.

Product Defects & Enhancement Requests
  • Diagnosing and reporting bugs that appear to be in WS_FTP Server or Professional.
  • Providing guidance on how a customer may log Enhancement Requests in the WS_FTP Server feedback portal or the WS_FTP Pro Feedback Portal
  • Suggest workarounds where applicable
  • Providing guidance on how to access new releases, patches, or hotfixes where applicable
  • Reporting of performance bugs in WS_FTP Server or Professional
Remote Assistance

Using their best judgment, the WS_FTP Tech Support Engineer may initiate a remote session for the purpose of observing the customer's environment if appropriate. The customer will be responsible for controlling the session and making any suggested changes at their discretion.

Phone Assistance

WS_FTP Tech Support is available for over-the-phone assistance for WS_FTP Server at the numbers and times described here WS_FTP Professional customers do not have access to phone support.

After Hours Assistance

Afterhours assistance is available for customers who have purchased it. The afterhours technical support engineer can be reached at the numbers provided in Phone Assistance above. Afterhours covers unrecoverable critical production down issues for your production server only. Installation, upgrade, migration, and license issues are not covered as part of this support agreement.

What is Not Covered

Below are items explicitly defined as outside the scope of support. However, if something is not explicitly mentioned in either the "What is Covered" or "What is Not Covered" sections, it is assumed to be not covered. Ask your Support Engineer or a Support Manager to clarify as needed.


WS_FTP support service does not include auditing your system for any purpose (recommendations, etc.)

Custom Implementation for Client Requirements

Often customers partner with the professional services team to work through a custom deployment of the application to align with their specific business needs. This is a paid service and outside of the scope of support.

System Upgrades – In Place

WS_FTP support will provide assistance on the resolution of errors, but is unable to dedicate a resource to monitor the process executed through the upgrade.

System Migration – New Hardware

WS_FTP support does not provide guidance in migrating legacy WS_FTP installations. We provide help resolving post-migration errors related to the WS_FTP products only.

Troubleshooting Environments Running on Custom Code

Technical support does not assist with writing, planning, or debugging any custom code or reports. This includes anything that was custom written by Professional Services, the support team, development, or other customers. This includes anything found on the community forums or the knowledge base. No guarantee is made that unofficial or 3rd party code will work in future versions, nor that provided custom code will be updated if it ceases functioning.

Debugging Environmental Issues

Client issues related to environments which are not set up according to our official documentation are considered outside of the scope of the WS_FTP support service. We may propose best practice approaches, and offer advice based upon our general knowledge as available, however additional assistance falls outside the scope of support.

Training on any WS_FTP Configuration

Training of this type is a paid service through the professional services team and falls outside of the scope of support.

Support for Trial/Evaluation/Expired Licenses

Please contact your sales representative with any questions you may have for WS_FTP Server during this phase of your buying journey.

Providing Direct Access to Development Staff

Technical Support will be your primary contact during the lifetime of your case and will engage with the rest of the Progress organization, as needed, to bring your issue to resolution.

The configuration of 3rd party Devices and Applications

The support team provides assistance with the configuration of Progress built software only.


The information provided on this and related page(s) is intended to outline Progress’ general WS_FTP support services and WS FTP product features. It is intended for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon when making any purchasing decision.