MessageWay Log Case

Open a Case via SupportLink

SupportLink is a powerful customer support portal that provides responsive, award-winning support for any challenges you may encounter while using MessageWay.

You can open a new support case on SupportLink (accessible via the Progress Community) by clicking Contact Support on the My Products page.

  1. From the community home page, select “Explore” from the SupportLink area
  2. In SupportLink, select “Create Case”
  3. If you own more than one Progress Product, please select the Product from the list provided
  4. Select “Technical Support” from the list for Type
  5. Select your Product from the drop down in Product Group
  6. Select the active maintenance from the Product menu
  7. Select your product version, if applicable
  8. Select your database, if applicable
  9. Fill in the Subject for a brief description of your issue
  10. Provide an extensive description of the issue you are opening a case on in the “Question/Problem Description field
  11. Provide the text for any error messages or warnings you are experiencing in the Error Message field
  12. Select Continue
  13. Select your Severity, which represents the impact to your business operations
  14. Select your Customer Application Type
  15. Select Submit Case

Note: You can also attach files to your case to provide more context. On the Case Details page, simply click the Attachments section and select “Upload Files” to upload it. Please be sure to enter any additional information about the file in the case comments.

Visit SupportLink