iMail Server Scope of Support

What is Covered

Product Guidance & Troubleshooting

Providing explanations for & guidance of:

  • Standard product functionality
  • Supported Configurations
  • Best practices for product usage
  • Product capabilities
  • Knowledgebase Articles

Diagnosing/troubleshooting warnings, errors and exceptions within Progress products.

  • Checking product configurations
  • Analyzing IMail Server logs
  • Narrowing down the cause to product or out of the box configuration
Product Defects & Enhancement Requests
  • Diagnosing and reporting bugs that appear to be in IMail
  • Suggest workarounds for product defects where possible
  • Providing guidance on how to access new releases
  • Providing guidance on how to request in product Enhancements
Product, Compatibility & Version information
  • Providing clarification of platform compatibility
  • Suggesting specific Progress products to accomplish specific goals
Remote Assistance

The iMail Server Tech Support team can suggest remote sessions for the purpose of observing the reported behavior on the customer's environment. These sessions are initiated by the Tech Support Engineer applying best judgment into determining the best approach for progressing the case through resolution. The customer will be responsible for controlling the session and making any suggested changes at their discretion.

Support Availability

iMail Server technical support is available for all accounts with an active service agreement during 9 AM to 6 PM Eastern Time, which are specified in the purchase agreement, unless Extended After Hours Emergency support has been purchased here.

Extended Support (24x7 Production Down)
  • Extended Support is available for customers who have purchased it. Includes 2 (two) incidents per year. Additional incidents can be purchased to better meet your business needs from your account.
  • The Technical Support Engineer can be reached at the number provided in the email you received when Extended Support was purchased. Extended Support covers unrecoverable critical production down issues for iMail software only. Non-production down issues, installation, upgrade, migration, and license issues are not covered as part of this support agreement. Issues with 3rd party software including Microsoft IIS, Microsoft SQL & Microsoft Windows Server.
After Hours Support

After Hours Support is available for customers on a per incident basis at an hourly rate (2 hour minimum). After Hours Support must be scheduled in advance during normal Support business hours. Support available through this includes all standard items covered in this scope of support. After Hours Support Does not cover items listed in the What's Not Covered section of this scope of support.

Product Install and Upgrades

iMail technical support provides limited assistance with the installation and upgrades of the iMail Server products not including any third-party applications such as Microsoft Office, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft IIS and Microsoft Windows Server. We support break-fix installation and post-upgrade issues and in doing so, may request the client’s original database, logs and other system information in order to investigate any problems. The knowledge of the end user operating systems, network infrastructure, installed applications, and any security mechanism installed is required by the end user to complete any installations or upgrades. Support services are available for any break fix issues that arise as a result of installations and upgrades of our products. Support for non-break-fix scenarios are not covered in the iMail Server Tech Support scope of support.

Product Migration

iMail technical support provides limited assistance migrating legacy and current iMail Server installations. The knowledge of the end user operating systems, network infrastructure, installed applications, and any security mechanism installed is required by the end user to complete any migrations. We may provide migration assistance in the form of guidance on best practices, sharing available resources, or helping resolve post-migration break-fix issues related to the IMail Server installation(s). If your migration tasks occur outside of normal business hours, please contact your sales representative about the migration services that are available from our Professional Services team.

What is Not Covered

For areas that fall outside the scope of Technical Support, we recommend that you consult with your sales representative about our Professional Services offerings.

Below are items explicitly defined as outside the scope of support. However, if something is not explicitly mentioned in either the "What is Covered" or "What is Not Covered" sections, it is assumed to be not covered. Ask your Support Engineer or a Support Manager to clarify as needed.

Code Provided By Technical Support Or Sources Other Than What Was Installed With The Product

iMail Server Technical Support provides support (based on the What Is Covered section) for what is installed with the product (3rd party products excluded) and default configurations for SQL Express, IIS, and accounts used to access iMail Server. In the course of developing a work around to a specific customer issue, Technical Support may provide recommended changes to address those issues. The fixes or changes are provided with no guarantee they will work in future versions of the product. Any configuration that was not setup with the installation of the product is out of scope and is therefore not supported by iMail Server Technical Support.

Performance Tuning of IMail Server installation or Running Performance Analysis
  • Analyzing customer installation and implementation for performance improvements.
  • Tuning the performance of a iMail Server installation including IIS and SQL Server.

iMail technical support services do not include auditing of your Installation/configuration for any purpose (recommendations, etc.)

Refactoring & Debugging Custom Code

iMail Server support will not perform general debugging of any custom code or custom scripting within iMail Server or related products including use of the iMail Server API.

Debugging Environmental Issues
  • Client issues related to environments are considered outside of the scope of support. We may propose our best practices, approaches, and offer clients advice based upon general knowledge, however additional assistance falls outside the scope of support. This includes configuration of SQL server, IIS, the Windows environment (Windows KBs, Hotfixes, patches), 3rd party applications including security suites(anti-virus) and network settings.
  • iMail Server Technical Support does not provide support for circumventing safeguards E.g. Bypassing security mechanisms that may be inhibiting the installation or function of iMail Server. Security mechanisms might include, but are not be limited to, credentials, network policies, endpoint security, GPOs, Data Loss Prevention (DLP) etc.
Third-Party Product Support
  • Recommending, assessing or troubleshooting third-party products or products not installed as part of the standard configuration of IMail Server.
  • Supporting files or contributions not created by the installation of IMail Server, or supporting files from 3rd parties, Communities or Professional Service.
Providing Training

iMail Server technical support does not provide training outside of the Product Guidance & Troubleshooting section listed under “What is Covered”. Please contact your sale representative for more information about training.


Modifications made to shipped iMail product including but not limited to files, code, database schema or scripts.

Support for Trial/Evaluation Licenses

Support for evaluation licenses, including but not limited to the initial configuration and validation of the product functioning, is covered by Sales. Please reach out to your Sales Representative for assistance with pre-sales questions.

Providing Direct Access to Development Staff

Technical Support will be your primary contact during the lifetime of your case and will engage with the rest of the Progress organization, as needed, to bring your issue to resolution.


The information provided on this and related page(s) is intended to outline Progress’ general iMail Server features. It is intended for informational purposes only and should not be relied upon when making any purchasing decision. The devices that are supported by iMail Server are specified in our release notes and our product documentation. This information is subject to change without notice. Configuration of the iMail Server software is ultimately up to the customer to maintain. Please see the iMail Server End User License Agreement for details, limitations and exclusions.