As a technical architect, you play a critical role in stewarding the legacy systems that power the core of your business. Keeping these systems running well is essential to your organization’s present, and future.

As a forward-thinking technologist, you also know that there are a number of trends in business and technology worth paying attention to. Mobility, cloud computing, and even emerging areas like Chatbots, AR/VR and the like have the potential to open up new paths to customers, and unlock new innovations within your organization.

Your challenge--one that you are uniquely suited to tackle--is how to keep your legacy systems stable, while moving your technology stack into the future, starting with mobile and the cloud. The purpose of this playbook is to provide you with concrete, actionable guidance that you can use when planning a mobile modernization effort.

We’ll start this guide with a brief discussion about the challenges unique to mobile modernization, and tips for assessing your organizational design when considering mobility. Then, we’ll follow-up with strategies for migrating to mobile, migrating to the cloud and approaches for future-proofing your efforts so that you can better embrace emerging trends when the time is right. By the end of this playbook, you’ll be fully equipped with tips, strategies, visuals and checklists you can use to plan, discuss and execute a mobile modernization effort for your organization.

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