Instantly modernize existing legacy and enterprise systems

Solve more business problems, avoid change management
and spend less to upgrade legacy and enterprise systems.

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In 3 minutes, we'll show you how we help extend existing and enterprise systems.

The Challenge

Deliver Modern Apps,
Without Affecting Core Systems

Are your strategic goals being blocked by existing enterprise or legacy systems? It’s a common problem. The same apps that run the core of your business are also inflexible and have accrued significant technical debt. CIOs aren't pleased when a new app takes down one of the core services.

“If you’ve worked with SAP systems as long as I have, you know that it’s no simple thing to extend an ERP system with mobility. With Kinvey, we’ve been able to extend our SAP landscape for new use cases, and the performance has been unbelievable. I went from 14-second SAP data access down to 400-millisecond mobile-friendly data access.” Anubhav Gupta Director of SAP Applications for Bell and Howell

The Solution

Modern Architecture, Minimal Effort

Progress® Mobility Solutions instantly extend and protect legacy and enterprise systems for modern apps. Think of it like an "Enterprise Connector" you can plug in to existing infrastructure and power your modern mobile and browser based apps.

You'll get all of the modern capabilities you need out of the box, like support for occasionally connected clients and data synchronization, authentication provider support plus connectivity integrations with systems like SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, Workday, and more.

The playbook contains technical solutions for:

Mobility Features

Strategies for your mobile app migration, application type categorization , and application architecture considerations.

Data & Mobile

REST consolidation of existing endpoints, security considerations and authentication solutions.

Cloud Migration Strategy

Gracefully scale monolithic applications and migrate existing apps to cloud infrastructure.

Security and Compliance

Security, data encryption, and compliance/audit management considerations.

Architecture Playbook

Architecture Playbook

We've put together a 25 page mobility modernization guide full of concrete, actionable guidance you can use when planning a mobile modernization effort.

You play a critical role in stewarding the systems that power the core of your business. Keeping these systems running well is essential to your organization’s present, and future.

As a forward-thinking technologist, you also know you should pay attention to newer trends in business and technology. Mobility, cloud computing, and even emerging areas like Chatbots, AR/VR and the like may open up new paths to customers, and unlock new innovations within your organization.

How do you keep your legacy systems stable, and also move your technology stack into the future? What do you need to know in order to do a good job of delivering modern mobile and cloud applications in your organization? Download the playbook for strategic and tactical guidance.

Want help?

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We'd be happy to arrange a technical call to discuss the particulars of how you can simplify mobility projects and mitigate the effects of new applications on existing legacy and enterprise systems.

Progress has been providing application development solutions since 1981. Our mobility solutions have been named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Mobile Application Development Platforms and also earned the "The Forrester Wave™: Mobile Development Platforms, Q4 2016" and "The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Health Clouds, Q3, 2017".

We'll walk you through the playbook and help you understand the finer points of how we can help with topics like:


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