ROC Commerce for Sitefinity

Sitefinity's SmarterCommerce Integration

An Intelligent Path to Ecommerce

Deliver a Seamless and Unified Ecommerce Experience

SmarterCommerce is a complete Ecommerce platform which delivers the ideal solution for all B2B and B2C sales needs. SmarterCommerce for Sitefinity delivers comprehensive, real-time integration with your Oracle JD Edwards ERP, to enable seamless control of commerce and content, all in one platform.

A Complete Ecommerce Web Store Integration

Use SmarterCommerce for Sitefinity to engage customers 24/7 across all devices and to control your online presence through one consistent platform that is fully integrated with your Oracle JD Edwards ERP.
  • B2B and B2C Ecommerce

    Achieve your digital commerce goals with a complete web store platform. Reaching out to distributors, dealers, and customers is easy with integrated sales portals.

  • Comprehensive Integration to JD Edwards

    Leverage your existing ERP investment with an ecommerce platform that provides integration to JD Edwards and its capabilities; for all inventory stock types, inventory management, advanced pricing, and more.

  • Content and Commerce Solutions

    Have complete control over your online presence with SmarterCommerce and Sitefinity for simplified management.

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