Sitefinity Marketplace Terms And Conditions

You must submit a request for each add-on or integration that you wish to publish in the Sitefinity Marketplace. We may approve or reject any proposed add-on or integration in our sole discretion. We may condition our approval on your submission and require modifications to the add-on or integration or its promoted information. You are responsible for ensuring that the information associated with your add-on or integration is accurate and does not violate third parties’ intellectual property rights, including third-party rights in trademarks or icons. We may require you to provide us with one or more samples of your integration or add-on, or subject testing prior to our approving it for publication. Once published in Sitefinity Marketplace, we may periodically test the add-on or integration at our discretion. We may, at our sole discretion, make minor changes to its promoted information to correct for error(s) or for other similar reasons so that customers can properly use such add-ons or integrations or its promoted information. Additionally, we strongly suggest that you regularly ensure that your integration or add-on supports the latest Sitefinity version. By submitting this form, you agree to provide Progress the permission to feature your solution on the Sitefinity Marketplace, promote your add-on or integration in any setting or context as well as the permission to take down your add-on or integration from Sitefinity Marketplace.