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Any developer will need access to the Znode Repositories to get started. The process includes access to Znode GitHub repositories and the Znode NuGet repository. Here are a few things to highlight when granting access:

  • We use the Partner name for NuGet to create user/password access, and these credentials can be shared by all the developers on the partner's team.
  • For GitHub access, if it still needs to be done, please have each partner team member who needs access register on We will then need a list of GitHub usernames to give access to the Znode repositories.

Please respond to this with the needed information, and our internal teams will get everything set up.

Once the setup is completed, each team member will get an automated email invitation to the repo from GitHub. They will also get a follow-up email from a Znode team member with NuGet repo credentials.

Additionally, please see the following information with access to the knowledge base, API documentation, sandbox, and more.