Load and Performance Testing with Test Studio

Ready to get started with load testing? This two-hour video track will get you up to speed with designing, executing and interpreting your Test Studio load and performance tests.

Duration: 2-hour video track


  • Segment 1: Introduction
  • Segment 2: Why Load Test?
  • Segment 3: Considerations
  • Segment 4: Performance Testing
  • Segment 5: Load Testing
  • Segment 6: Wrapping Up

Course Goals

  • Understand basic goals and terminology
  • Know the critical considerations/coordination
  • Understand your goals
  • Prepare infrastructure
  • Design, execute and interpret performance tests
  • Design, execute and interpret load test

Segment One: Introducing Test Studio

  • Introduction
  • Understanding the Terminology
  • Performance Test vs. Load Test
  • Types of Load Tests

Segment Two: Why Do Load and Performance Testing in the First Place?

  • Attempt to validate system against real-world (ish) models
  • Use load/perf as an A/B test to avoid regressions

Segment Three: Considerations before You Start

  • Resources
    • Infrastructure needs
    • Understand Test Studio’s architecture
  • Time
  • People
  • How to go about it
    • Clarify your goals
    • Coordinate, coordinate, coordinate
    • Ensure your IT team knows you’ll be load testing!
    • Make sure you’re testing appropriate versions
  • Approach with scientific methodology
    • Change one variable at a time

Segment Four: Performance Testing

  • Implementing Performance Testing
  • Configuring settings
  • Selecting Performance Monitor counters
  • Executing and interpreting results
  • Working with Performance Test List

Segment Five: Load Testing

  • Implementing Load Testing
  • Configuring controllers and virtual users
  • Creating user profiles
  • Capturing from automated tests and manual activities
  • Working with local and remote sources
  • Importing other sources (Fiddler files, other user profiles)
  • Setting workload and other options
  • Selecting Performance Monitor counters
  • Setting duration and ramp options
  • Executing the load test
  • Interpreting live and post-run metrics
  • Warmup scripts
  • Leveraging results to mitigate system issues

Segment Six: Wrapping It Up

  • Load and performance answer business questions
  • Focus on high-value scenarios
  • Take great care with environment
  • Change one thing at a timе
  • Pass useful information back to the business side
  • Other resources
  • Need help? Contact Telerik!

"We had limited knowledge and experience in critical areas, and the Progress Services team helped guide us towards the best solution for our business."

SOURCE: TechValidate
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