Functional Testing with Test Studio

Planning to leverage Test Studio to automate your functional UI tests? This four-hour video track covers functional test automation for web, Silverlight and WPF applications, and will help you learn how to solve common automation issues and keep your tests maintainable.

Duration: 4-hour video track


  • Why, where and how to use UI automation
  • Basics of Test Studio
  • Fundamentals of UI automation
  • Locators, asynchronous and more
  • Common automation issues
  • Extending Test Studio
  • Data driven tests, using code effectively and more
  • Learn how to keep tests maintainable

Segment One: Introducing Test Studio

  • What should you automate?
  • Focus on high-value business-level features
  • Test Studio’s IDE
  • Default settings and browser configuration
  • Test organization
  • Recording and playing back tests
  • Test lists

Segment Two: Web Testing

  • Web testing
  • Introducing the page lifecycle
  • Understanding the DOM and locators/find logic
  • Working with asynchronous situations (AJAX)
  • Popups and dialogs

Segment Three: Easy XAML Testing– WPF and Silverlight

  • Exploring XAML testing
  • The DOM vs. the XAML tree
  • Recording Silverlight
  • Test Studio differences for XAML vs. web
  • Recording WPF
  • Application configuration

Segment Four: Beyond the Basics

  • Structuring your tests
  • Setup and teardown actions
  • Using the right amount of code
  • Working in Visual Studio
  • Data driving your tests
  • Conditional logic
  • Manual testing
  • Understanding where manual tests fit in
  • Combining automation and manual with fast-forward

Segment Five: Wrapping It Up

  • Automation is high value over the long run
  • Focus on high-value tests
  • Learn how Test Studio works in your unique environment
  • Keep tests maintainable and flexible
  • Evolve your test suite and APIs over time
  • Need help? Contact Telerik!

"We had limited knowledge and experience in critical areas, and the Progress Services team helped guide us towards the best solution for our business."

SOURCE: TechValidate
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