Advanced Sitefinity
Developer Course

This course is designed to develop advanced skills for building applications using Progress Sitefinity CMS

Audience: ASP.NET MVC Developers   Duration: 3 days

Course Description

This course is designed to develop advanced skills for building applications using Progress Sitefinity CMS.

It starts with a basic overview and presentation, then quickly advances through fundamentals and more complex concepts. Special attention is given to application performance as well as to best practices for coding and testing Sitefinity applications.

What You Will Learn

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Develop the presentation layer of Progress® Sitefinity™ CMS using the Sitefinity Feather open source project
  • Connect the presentation layer with the data layer using different Sitefinity APIs
  • Model the data layer in Sitefinity CMS
  • Integrate external content and integrate with external systems
  • Perform advanced tasks such as optimizing application performance, testing code, etc.


Day 1 – Laying the Foundation

  • Course Introduction
  • Lesson 1: Brief Review of Sitefinity Features
  • Lesson 2: Developing the Presentation Layer
  • Lesson 3: Widget Designer Framework

Day 2 – Taking It to the Next Level

  • Lesson 4: Bringing Content to the Presentation Layer Using APIs
  • Lesson 5: Using Providers to Connect to Different Data Sources
  • Lesson 6: Localization of Content
  • Lesson 7: Working with Events

Day 3 – Advanced Topics

  • Lesson 8: Optimizing the Performance of Your Sitefinity Application
  • Lesson 9: Managing Sitefinity Configurations
  • Lesson 10: Testing Your Code


  • Create good performing Sitefinity applications
  • Understand the Sitefinity architecture
  • Create MVC widgets
  • Extend existing Sitefinity functionality
  • Learn the different APIs of Sitefinity


The course is designed for backend developers who want to develop a web application using Sitefinity CMS.

  • Before taking this course, students should have:
  • Passed the Basic Sitefinity Developer Certification Exam
  • Have strong experience developing ASP.NET applications
  • Possess a working knowledge of ASP.NET MVC
  • Have strong experience with HTML and JavaScript
  • Hold a working knowledge of AngularJS
  • Have work experience with relational databases

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