Kendo UI Developer Certification for jQuery

Show Your HTML5/JavaScript skills to the world. The test is a set of comprehensive questions that assesses your knowledge of the Kendo UI framework.

About the Certification

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Independent validation of your skills is a powerful tool you can use to get ahead. We recognize that and created the Kendo UI Certification program so developers could demonstrate their depth of expertise with Kendo UI® by Progress.

After successfully completing the exam, you'll receive:

  • Personalized certificate
  • Certification badge for blogs and business cards
  • Membership in the Kendo UI Certified LinkedIn Group
  • Kendo UI Certified t-shirt

Plus, as a certified Kendo UI developer, you'll be able to propose one new question for consideration in future certification exams. The certification is valid for two years.

About the Exam

The certification exam is hosted online using TalentLMS and is accessed using a browser. You have six months to take the exam after its purchase. Once you start the exam, you have 30 minutes to complete the 50 multiple choice questions, each worth one point. You need at least 38 points to pass. Wrong answers aren't penalized and you can navigate between questions forward and backwards.

The test certifies what you already know, so a few weeks of intense study likely won't be useful. In general, the exam covers:

  • Kendo UI setup in a new project
  • Kendo UI dependencies and requirements
  • Kendo UI Web Framework, little DataViz
  • Data sources
  • General knowledge of Kendo UI widgets
  • Specific widget questions (Grid, Slider, etc.)
  • MVVM
  • Templates

Exam Retake Policy

A passing score is 76% but if you don't pass on the first try, you can purchase and retake the exam. All certificates are valid for two years, and can be renewed at any time after expiration by taking the latest Kendo UI exam.

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