MarkLogic Fundamentals

Instructor-Led Training


Course Description

Learn core MarkLogic skills, including server installation, database creation, data loading, serving data, search, project deployment and more!


Developers, Administrators, Data Architects


8 hours

Course Outline


  • Describe what MarkLogic is
  • Describe MarkLogic Interfaces
  • Install MarkLogic
  • Access MarkLogic


  • Describe MarkLogic Architecture
  • Describe E-node and D-node
  • Create Databases, Forests, and an App Servers
  • Use ml-gradle Deployment Tool


  • Describe the document types
  • Describe URI and Collections
  • Load documents and triples
  • Describe MarkLogic Content Pump (MLCP)
  • Describe Multi-Version Concurrency Control
  • Describe CORB
  • Describe Role Based Access Control


  • Describe the APIs for search
  • Search using cts, JSearch, SQL, SPARQL, and Optic API
  • Create and manage indexes
  • Access learning resources

Learn More

  • Describe Alerting, Data Hub Framework and Grove

How to Enroll

Instructor-Led Option

This course is available as a free publicly scheduled instructor-led course! Please, refer to our schedule to select the most suitable date for you.

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