Progress OpenEdge Multi-Tenant Database Administration

This course is for Progress OpenEdge multi-tenant database administrators. 

Product Version: Progress OpenEdge 11.5.1
Duration: Equivalent to 24 hours of instructor-led training

Course Description

This course teaches Progress OpenEdge multi-tenant database administration tasks. Initially, you get an overview of OpenEdge multi-tenancy. Then, you learn to perform the following tasks:

  • Enable multi-tenancy for a database.
  • Load data definitions of shared and multi-tenant database objects into a multi-tenant database.
  • Create a tenant group and load group contents into a tenant group table.
  • Create shared and multi-tenant sequences.
  • Use the ABL API to create tenants, domains, users, and tenant groups.
  • Recover tenant data.
  • Dump data from and load data into a multi-tenant database.
  • Maintain multi-tenant indexes.
  • Manage multi-tenant tables.
  • Manage a multi-tenant database.
This course is available as Instructor-Led Training and online with a subscription to the Progress Education Community.

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