Modernization Videos

The business and technical benefits of modernization have been proven time and time again. Learn how the Progress modernization team uses our exclusive modernization framework to ensure an end result that brings maximum value to your business. Our approach provides an agile methodology that facilitates standards, reuse, and mentoring. Progress can augment all or parts of the development team depending on your desires. With our framework, new application modules can coexist and be deployed along with legacy production environments. Comprehensive UI/UX analysis is an important component of the framework. This results in responsive design for multi platform deployment; accurate expectation setting for stakeholders and customers; willing adoption by end users; greater productivity because of improved workflow and quicker time to market by minimizing rework. 

OpenEdge Modernization Framework Overview

Reference Architecture - Part 1

Learn how the Progress Modernization Reference Architecture extends and protects your ability to create enterprise applications.

Reference Architecture - Part 2

Learn how the Progress Modernization Reference Architecture supports both object oriented and procedural code.

OpenEdge JSDO

Learn how the OE JavaScript Data Object adds a lot of value for OE developers.


See how Kendo UI components are used as building blocks using the Progress Modernization Method.

Modernization Demonstration

See an example of the Progress Modernization Method in action.