Test and Spy for JDBC

These productivity enhancing components are available for use with our JDBC drivers to streamline testing and debugging.


DataDirect Test

Progress DataDirect Test is a graphical, menu-driven program that helps you debug JDBC applications. It works by displaying the results of all JDBC function calls with sample Java JDBC code (including comments). This tool makes troubleshooting easy, shortening the application development cycle.

DataDirect Spy

Progress DataDirect Spy is used for tracing calls in running programs. This utility passes calls issued by an application to an underlying DataDirect JDBC driver and logs detailed information about those calls. The results passed back from the database to the application are logged too. Spy differs from Test in that Spy captures the transactions of other users, whereas Test captures your own transactions.

For more about DataDirect Test and Spy, see the DataDirect Connect for JDBC User's Guide and Reference.

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