Rollbase Hosted Public Cloud Application Platform

Cut Development Time and Costs with Custom Application Hosting and Development using Progress Rollbase

Progress Rollbase provides public cloud application hosting to build, brand, and sell custom business applications

From CRM, HR, engineering, marketing, and virtually any business function you can imagine, Progress Rollbase Hosted Cloud provides custom application hosting in one place online, with the convenience of your web browser. Most applications can be built by business analysts and web developers without requiring a team of more advanced developers.

With the ability to build custom applications while writing a minimum amount of code (typically 80% to 20% clicks to code ratio), Rollbase also enables you to use the public cloud for new application hosting. This reduces your development time and resource requirements, accelerates your time-to-market, and simplifies application delivery and deployment.

Use a proven public cloud platform for business application hosting

Thousands of Progress Rollbase users are using hundreds of Rollbase-powered business applications every day. From backend business apps to front-end websites that integrate with them, Progress Rollbase and its public cloud application hosting capabilities gives a robust, multi-tenant, brandable cloud application platform managed by Progress operations staff and hosted at Amazon.

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100% Cloud - No Software, No Hardware

The Progress Rollbase Hosted Cloud is delivered as an online service with no software or hardware requirements. Design, develop and deliver all aspects of your Progress Rollbase hosted applications from within a standard Web browser. No need to worry about operating systems, upgrades, monitoring, etc. All aspects of the underlying infrastructure are taken care of for you so you can focus on your business.

For more information about Rollbase features and functionality, see Cloud Platform.

Pure Multi-tenant Architecture

Designed from scratch as a purely model-driven, multi-tenant platform, Progress Rollbase takes advantage of true multi-tenancy from the database layer up through all aspects of the hosted application runtime engine. This guarantees that UI definitions, data models, user permissions, setup configurations, and all other dynamic aspects of the platform are stored independently for each customer (i.e. tenant). For ISVs and Resellers, this multi-tenancy is multi-layer, providing reseller partners the ability to manage only their specific subset of customers from a central management console.


No matter how often the Progress Rollbase platform changes, all of your hosted applications and their data will not be affected by upgrades. Because of the unique model-driven architecture behind Rollbase, all application definition information is decoupled from the underlying platform code, eliminating compatibility risks and allowing us to maintain a high frequency of Rollbase updates.

24x7x365 Real-Time Monitoring

Progress has partnered with Amazon to provide 24x7x365 real-time system monitoring. We are alerted immediately in the event of any planned or unexpected service disruption.

Affordable Pricing

Progress Rollbase Hosted Application Public Cloud pricing starts as low as $19/month for developers and $24/month for production users. ISV & Corporate pricing is available upon request. For more information about pricing and licensing see Rollbase Pricing. For more information about pricing and licensing see Rollbase Pricing.

ISVs and Resellers

Custom Branding

  • Your Platform Name: Replace "Progress Rollbase" with your company or platform name throughout the product
  • Your Logos: Replace Progress Rollbase logos with your branding throughout the platform
  • Custom Login Page: Host your own login page. Let your users login via your website rather than

Custom App Store

Similar to the Progress Rollbase Application Directory, ISVs and Resellers can have their own custom-branded app store with a private directory of published applications. Any application developed by your customers can be published to your App Store. Applications exposed in this way are automatically available for your other tenants to install, use and customize, just like any other Rollbase application.

Deploy Anywhere

Progress Rollbase applications are fully described as XML and as such can be easily migrated from one Rollbase tenant to another. Applications can be selectively deployed to any tenant (i.e. customer) in that instance.

Free Trials

Progress provides an easy way to offer free trials for any of your applications. In this way you can build an entire self-service SaaS business using Rollbase as your foundation.