Rollbase Private Cloud Application Platform

Gain the Cost Savings, Efficiencies of Cloud Development on Your Own Private Cloud with Rollbase

Progress Rollbase provides private cloud infrastructure that runs apps with your brand, in your domain

With Progress Rollbase Private Cloud, you get all of the features and power of Progress Rollbase on any cloud server or in-house infrastructure. Run custom business applications in your own robust, multi-tenant, brandable private cloud application platform, hosted wherever you want.

This installable version of Rollbase is quick and easy to set up in any cloud environment. With Progress Rollbase Private Cloud, you are in complete control. Click below to download a fully functional evaluation version.

Download Private Cloud

Use proven Rollbase technology to build full-featured, branded, private cloud applications

Progress Rollbase is a cloud platform that allows rapid creation of software as a service (SaaS) business applications using point & click, drag & drop tools in a standard web browser. Today, thousands of users are using hundreds of custom Rollbase-powered business applications globally. Most applications can be built by business analysts and Web developers without requiring a team of more advanced developers.

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Full Custom Branding

  • Your Platform Name: Replace "Progress Rollbase" with your company or platform name throughout the product.
  • Your Logos: Replace Progress Rollbase logos with your branding throughout the platform.
  • Your Domain: Run the entire platform on your own domain. Use an existing domain (Rollbase will not interfere with your website) or a new one.

Host Anywhere

Progress Rollbase Private Cloud is quick and easy to set up in almost any hosting environment: your own on-premise or co-located servers, third party managed servers such as Rackspace or OpSource, or cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) such as Amazon. We work with many customers and partners who require full control of the platform stack and data. With Progress Rollbase Private Cloud, you are in complete control.

You Are In Control

Unlike the Progress Rollbase Hosted Cloud, the Rollbase Private Cloud is a self-managed platform. This means that you choose when and where to install updates and upgrades. While Rollbase is and always will be designed to shield your applications from any changes to the platform itself, you can still choose when those changes take place. Many Private Cloud customers test the latest features using a development environment in Progress Rollbase Hosted Cloud, as well as an installed development environment for testing the latest upgrades.

Affordable Pricing

While competitors may charge large fees based on number of CPUs or other hardware configurations, Progress Rollbase Private Cloud is available for a simple monthly fee that adapts to the scale of your business and use of the platform. For more information about licensing Progress Rollbase Private Cloud, please Contact Us.

Tenant and Subscriber Management

Rollbase provides a central management system which allows you to easily create and manage any number of tenants (i.e. customers) across any number of application and database servers. New tenants can be created and deployed in a matter of seconds, whether they are for internal use within your enterprise, or new accounts you are deploying for your customers. You have complete control over each tenant including number of subscribers, expiration date, number of allowed applications, objects, etc.

App Store

Similar to the Progress Rollbase Application Directory, Progress Rollbase Private Cloud comes pre-configured with your own app store. Any application developed within your private cloud instance can be published to your Application Directory. Applications exposed in this way are automatically available for other tenants to install, use and customize, just like any other Rollbase application.

Deploy Anywhere

Rollbase applications are fully described as XML and as such can be easily migrated from one Rollbase instance to another. For example, you can build an application on the Progress Rollbase Hosted Cloud and easily move it to your Progress Rollbase Private Cloud instance. You can just as easily move Rollbase applications from one private cloud instance to another. As in any Rollbase instance, applications can be selectively deployed to any tenant (i.e. customer) in that instance.

Free Trials

Progress provides an easy way to offer free trials for any of your applications. In this way you can build an entire self-service SaaS business using Rollbase as your foundation.

Empower Your Channel

Create your own hosted cloud. As with Progress Rollbase Hosted Cloud, you can offer ISV and Reseller options for your customers to create, sell and manage applications on your instance of Progress Rollbase Private Cloud. Progress Rollbase provides all that your partners require to build, brand and resell their own apps on your Private Cloud instance.