Flexible Deployment

Setup ApplicationRollbase is open and flexible. Your applications are not limited by device or cloud. You can deploy Rollbase on a Hosted Cloud, Private Cloud, or Hybrid Cloud. Whatever best fits your business.

If you have policies that prohibit using a public cloud, this flexibility is a big advantage.

Hosted Cloud

Host applications and your development environment on a public Hosted Cloud, which is managed by Progress and hosted at Amazon. Hosted Cloud is 100% cloud – no hardware or software. You don't need to worry about operating systems, upgrades, or monitoring. All that is done for you so you can focus on your business.

Private Cloud

You can also deploy Rollbase on a Private Cloud, hosted wherever you want. Maintain your own multi-tenant, brandable application development environment. This installable version of Rollbase is quick and easy to set up in any cloud environment. With Private Cloud, you are in complete control.

Hybrid Cloud

Rollbase lets you pick the best deployment model for your applications. You can use a Hybrid Cloud configuration, which combines both Private Cloud and Hosted Cloud. For example, you may want to run production apps in a Private Cloud and develop and test apps in a public Hosted Cloud.

Scalable Multi-Tenant Cloud Architecture

Rollbase's pluggable platform architecture enables @scale elasticity based on demand. You can spread Rollbase multi-tenant components across multiple physical or virtual servers to scale as needed or consolidate on the same server for smaller loads.

Anytime, Anywhere

Users demand always-on availability on the device of their choice. Rollbase applications are available whenever and wherever your users have a browser and Internet connection. Deliver a rich, custom experience regardless of device—desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

100% Java

Rollbase is a 100% Java application, so it is operating system and infrastructure agnostic. There is no proprietary vendor lock-in.

Seamless Application Integration

All Rollbase applications integrate with each other once deployed. You can also integrate applications that have portals with your website or intranet.

Data Integration

Rollbase data integration is uniquely robust. Provided by DataDirect, it is widely regarded as the industry's best and most mature data connectivity. All data sources are supported. And point-and-click wizards walk you through the process of setting up a database.

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