Rollbase Mobile Interface

The Progress® Rollbase® Mobile App Builder supports best-in-class development and deployment of mobile apps in a single, integrated environment with support for multiple deployment options.


  • Simple, easy to mobilize application development
  • Rich user experience based on full customization
  • Fully integrated Development Environment for both web and mobile
  • Deployment flexibility: create HTML5, hybrid and native apps
  • Push notifications
Rollbase - Mobile App Builder

Progress Rollbase on iPhone and Android

All Progress Rollbase applications can be easily accessed on iPhone and Android devices via a dedicated mobile user interface specifically designed for smart phone browsers. The screenshots below illustrate the core capabilities of the Progress Rollbase Mobile user interface.

Existing Progress Rollbase applications can be mobile-enabled in just a few clicks. See how below.

Secure Login

Users can login to Progress Rollbase Hosted Cloud or any Rollbase Private Cloud instance via a dedicated mobile login page.

Rollbase Log In Emulator
Rollbase Emulator
User Experience Resembles Other Apps

Smartphone browsers automatically redirect to a mobile friendly page that works just like familiar consumer applications.

Browse Records

Administrators control the level of records a User can access.

Rollbase Accounts Designer
Rollbase Details Designer
Browse Applications

Administrators control which app objects are
mobile accessible

View a Record

Detail views can show record values organized into sections that Administrators can easily customize

Rollbase Details Emulator
Rollbase Record Details Emulator
Touch Navigation for Additional Detail

Touching a menu drills down to a list of records for the associated Object. Users can select any Views they have access to for navigating lists of records.