Rollbase Google Apps Integration

The integration of the Progress Rollbase platform with the products from Google allows any Progress Rollbase-native application to become integrated with any customer's Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Docs accounts. Any application created with Progress Rollbase can automatically use Gmail to send email, synchronize any event information with Google Calendar, and export application data directly into Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets, increasing the productivity of joint Progress Rollbase and Google Apps users.

Progress Rollbase includes the following three out of the box integrations with Google products:

  • Progress Rollbase and Gmail: Uses each user's Gmail account to send any outbound email from within Progress Rollbase, and stores that email in the user's Sent Items for historical reference within Gmail.
  • Progress Rollbase and Google Calendar: Enables the synchronization of all types of tasks and events in any Progress Rollbase application with each user's Google Calendar.
  • Progress Rollbase and Google Docs: Enables sharing Progress Rollbase data views and reports, making them available to internal and external audiences through Google Spreadsheets.

Each of these integrations is available to every Progress Rollbase customer at no additional cost.