Progress Rollbase is the first and only cloud platform that allows you to move your CRM and other applications off of the platform in a just a few clicks.

Top seven reasons to use Progress Rollbase instead of

  1. Run it Anywhere: With Progress Rollbase you can deploy the entire platform on Amazon, Rackspace, or any other cloud infrastructure, including your own data center. You choose where to run it: our servers (Progress Rollbase Hosted Cloud) or literally anywhere else (Progress Rollbase Private Cloud).
  2. More Affordable: Progress Rollbase is more affordable than with monthly pricing starting at $15/month for Private Cloud and $19/month for Hosted Cloud.
  3. No Proprietary Languages: Progress Rollbase applications can be built and customized faster and easier than applications because developers don't need to learn proprietary languages like APEX or SOQL. All Progress Rollbase developers code in industry standard JavaScript.
  4. 100% White Label: Using Progress Rollbase Private Cloud means your customers and users will never see anything but your domain and your brand, from the login page down to every URL, image and help page.
  5. Everything is a Custom Object: In and Users, Contacts, Accounts, Cases and many other entities are not fully customizable objects. With Progress Rollbase everything is a custom object that you can customize or completely replace.
  6. It's not about CRM: Progress Rollbase does not have roots in any particular domain, we simply want you to succeed at whatever you are using the platform for. This means we have much less incentive to tilt the platform's capabilities toward CRM or other domain-specific usage.
  7. It's Your Stack: Progress Rollbase Private Cloud runs on Linux, Unix, Solaris, Windows and other OS's we haven't tried yet. It runs on the most reliable relational database: Progress OpenEdge, in addition to MySQL, SQL Server and Oracle. It runs on Tomcat and WebSphere and can be fronted by Apache or other Web servers. You can extend the schema, write custom code, and hook up analytics and other tools directly to the database because it's your stack not ours.

What Can You Move?

  • Import your CRM application and all of your data: It's quick and easy to switch from your CRM application to your own custom Progress Rollbase CRM application. Follow three simple steps (see video demo above) and Progress Rollbase will create a CRM application with all of your objects, custom fields, relationships, page layouts, and data.*
  • Import any application and all of your data: It's painless to move your applications from to Progress Rollbase. By following three simple steps (see video demo above) Progress Rollbase will create a custom application with all of your application's objects, custom fields, relationships, page layouts, and data.*

* Progress Rollbase cannot convert APEX and SOQL code for you. Some formula fields and components with custom code may not work in Rollbase without modification.