Unleash Mobile

Progress® Rollbase® Mobile is a tool for the development of both web-based and mobile business applications. Using an integrated, model-driven authoring environment, your company can help your customers deliver exceptional mobile user experiences.


  • Easily assemble, deploy and manage mobile applications – including the entire application infrastructure
  • Leverage on-premise and cloud-based data sources as the foundation for your mobile apps
  • Build powerful, visually compelling apps using a visual developer and standard technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript
  • Support HTML5 applications or native applications using a hybrid architecture that eliminates costly device-specific coding
  • Provide an intuitive, native mobile experience using a hybrid architecture that eliminates costly, device-specific coding

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Application Developement

Best in Class Development Environment
Leverage a single integrated platform through a web browser to easily build the application model and web user experience using a drag & drop, point & click development environment. Progress Rollbase Mobile automatically generates all of the back-end services that are needed to support your mobile app.

Flexible to move

Device Independent Mobile App Builder
Completely integrated in the Progress Rollbase environment, the Mobile App Builder allows you to build mobile front end applications compatible with iOS, Android and other operating systems. Customize your applications to support standard technologies like HTML5 and JavaScript.

Leverage Existing Assets
Rollbase Mobile automatically generates the application services that form the foundation for your mobile applications. For existing assets and applications, you can leverage web services and JavaScript Data Objects for easy interaction from your mobile client.

Add Complex Business Logic
Take advantage of business logic that is hosted by Rollbase or leverage existing back end services. For more complex application logic requirements, use open standards-based development language (JavaScript).

Data and Analytics

User Satisfaction
Add simple data integration to an even wider array of data sources. Now you can push notifications to your application users and message an individual or an entire group of users based on business rules you set. You can also empower users to collaborate and report on their own data using Progress Easyl.

Hybrid Apps
Support various types of apps without writing device specific code. Build HTML5 or native applications. You get a rich user experience and choice of deployment options—including the ability to post in Apple and Android stores—without the hassle of building the same app over and over again.