Rapid Application Development

What is an App?Get your app out in the world fast with Rollbase. All you need is a browser and the Internet.

Building mobile and cloud-based apps is simply a matter of creating and combining components. In days, if not hours, you can deploy powerful, data-driven business applications.

More Clicks, Less Code

You don't have to be a programmer to create applications with Rollbase. Use simple point-and-click wizards to define your application's data model, objects, rules, and workflows. The user interface is automatically generated.

Quick Create Application Wizard

Fast DevelopmentAssemble new apps in three easy steps. Simply create objects, add fields, and define relationships between objects. Customize later by adding business rules, personalizing the user interface, and more.

Modern User Experience

Customize the user interface with a real-time, drag-and-drop editor. Create, configure, and rearrange components on the fly. You can also use HTML, scripts, and third-party widgets. White Label options provide full custom branding.

Quick Start Templates

Fast-track your project with a template, such as CRM, from the library of sample applications. You can also find all types of business applications in the Rollbase Application Directory, a growing web marketplace. Just add the app to your Rollbase account and you're ready to go.

Portal Power

Easily extend your application with sophisticated external-facing portals. Effortlessly integrates with your website or intranet.

Business Rules

Rollbase offers a powerful business logic engine. Use point-and-click wizards to easily define workflow and user-driven logic and business rules. Model almost any kind of business process.

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