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Expand Your Apps Beyond Salesforce

App Platform Limiting What Apps you Support?

Progress®Rollbase® frees you from the limitations of having to deploy apps in a public infrastructure. Get more room to maneuver, as well as options that a public cloud doesn’t provide:

  • Meet stringent data residency, privacy, security or regulatory mandates
  • Deploy on premise or in any other cloud, like Amazon
  • Serve highly-regulated industries with tough security and data residency requirements

Don't let your platform limit your applications
Expand your applications

Expand Your Apps Beyond Salesforce

With minimal cost, disruption and effort, you can augment the reach of your apps beyond the Salesforce infrastructure. With Rollbase you can:

  • Serve customers who must deploy in highly-secure, private or non-Salesforce clouds
  • Open new markets in different geographies or highly-regulated industries
  • Gain greater control of your infrastructure
  • Lower costs

Maintain the Environment and Interface You Know

Rollbase uses familiar point and click, drag and drop tools to speed and simplify application development. Deploy your applications on-premise or on any cloud, including Amazon, Rackspace, or in-country Service Provider.

Take your apps where can't

Tools Similar to Those in developers can learn Rollbase very quickly.

Take your apps where can't

Augment Your Investment

Easily create Rollbase applications that can leverage your existing Salesforce data—no migration necessary.


Risk-Free Quick Start

Rollbase 30-day free evaluation includes everything you need to get up, running and productive from day one.

Rollbase Benefits

Run It Anywhere

Unlike, you can deploy on Amazon, Rackspace or any other cloud infrastructure, including your own in-country service provider.

No Proprietary Languages

Code in industry-standard JavaScript to build and customize faster, using a language you already know.

Tangible Value

Get significant revenue and cost advantages, plus Partner-friendly licensing without costly limits.


Take it With You

Take your existing applications with you by importing them into Rollbase.

With Rollbase, It’s All About Your Apps

It’s Not Just About CRM

With no roots in any particular domain, there’s no incentive to tilt Rollbase capabilities toward CRM.

Always Your Stack

Deploy applications on a public cloud, private cloud, on-premise or in-country—it’s your choice and Rollbase has you covered. You can then extend the schema, write custom code and hook-up analytics and other tools directly to the database.

Serve Apps Without Limits limits your access to applications, data, records, objects and API calls. With Rollbase, there’s no extra work—or expense—to get around these roadblocks. You have complete control over your servers and networking infrastructure.


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