Easy Management

Rollbase makes cloud application management easy. Manage all apps, users, and security from one place.

Roles and Permissions

Central Dashboard

Manage servers, databases, tenants, users, applications, and more. Monitor system components and user activity. Access tenants to provide support and resource metering.

Role and User-Based Permissions

You have complete control over who can access applications, objects, and their components. Configure fine-grained permissions specific to each role and user in your organization, from the application down to the individual field level.

Organizational Structure

You can easily model your entire organizational structure, and create user groups based on these hierarchies. You can then further refine which features and data each user can access. Use these structures to segment data access for tens, hundreds, and even thousands of users.

Security and Authentication

You have complete control over how users access the platform and how they are identified on a tenant-by-tenant basis. Rollbase adapts to your needs─from LDAP and Single Sign On to multi-factor authentication, security level settings, password expiration policies and IP whitelists. SSL and HTTPS protect data during transit.

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