Consulting Services

Ensure Your Success with Progress Technology

You can rely on Progress Professional Services' implementation, integration, technology and business domain consulting. Our mission is to ensure your success, and you will get targeted support to meet your unique needs. Our approach combines:

  • Accountability - Our consultants work with you to ensure the successful outcome of your project. Our job isn't finished until we've achieved all of the established objectives.
  • Expertise - No one can understand Progress technology like the people who built it. Progress consultants are closer to the technology and resources than any other alternative - ensuring that you benefit from our knowledge and experience.
  • Methodology - Our confidence in achieving successful outcomes has been established over the course of thousands of engagements that have helped us develop tried and proven processes. We work with maximum speed and efficiency.

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We use our product expertise to provide you with these service types:

Service Type What it helps you do What it means to you
Analyze Evaluate and map the foreseen solution to the Business Enterprise Architecture Ensure Business - IT consistency while focus on early value added results (QuickWin)
Prepare Define what to do, how to do it, and train your resources in what needs to be done Efficient planning and management with no misguided IT projects, rapid ramp-up time and resource readiness
Implement Implement the solution per the defined plan and get the solution in place Rapidly implement a solution and manage risk effectively, increase resource efficiency
Optimize Ensure the effective performance of the solution Ensures consistently smooth operation and proactive risk management

Consulting Methodology: An Agile Approach

The Right Approach to Ensure Your Success

The Progress Consulting Methodology (PCM) is the collection of processes, intellectual property (IP), and tools used by Progress Professional Services to ensure we efficiently complete your project.

This services framework combines the best in industry and consulting standards with the deep technical knowledge of all of our product families. PCM facilitates the reuse of best practices and makes available 25 years of Progress expertise, knowledge, and processes for use in all projects around the globe.