Rollbase: What's New In 3.1.0

Key Enhancements Include:

For Rollbase Mobile, the main focus of the new release is:
  • User Interface & Usability Improvements:
    • These include enhancements to improve the developer experience with component setup, the Image Controls, and the Media and Service Managers
  • Enhancements to User Access:
    • A user with a single Progress ID can now belong to multiple teams, and users can be logged into the same app from multiple browsers/devices.
  • Upgraded Libraries:
    • This release has been updated with the latest versions of Cordova & JQuery libraries
  • Performance Improvements:
    • Several performance improvements have been implemented to optimize the output generated for Rollbase Mobile, plus optimization of the JSDO Services created to make the application footprint smaller.
Exposing the Power of the Platform:
  • Enhancements to OpenEdge Service Objects (OESO) for OpenEdge BPM Workflow
    • Layer the workflow attribute on top of an OESO and complete OpenEdge BPM human interaction worksteps from a Rollbase client
  • Improved JavaScript editor
    • The new and improved editor now supports syntax highlighting, color coding, code completion suggestions and a host of other capabilities
  • Caching improvements
    • With improvements to several caching strategies, users will see more uniform response times as workloads increase. Also, developers building applications which touch several parts of the system e.g. developers building mobile apps, should expect to see improvements in responsiveness
  • Consent-based support access
    • Tenant admins can now exercise fine-grained access control for support access
  • Localization improvements
    • Improved quality for German language support

Consult What's New for a comprehensive list of new features and the Release Notes for a list of known and fixed issues.

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