Productivity And Personalization

Streamline application processes and accelerate productivity empowering you to build true business applications that improve productivity and responsiveness to your customers.

Streamline Application Processes and Accelerate Productivity

Drive Faster, Business-Driven Change

We live in a constantly changing business environment where requirements change more frequently than processes and it's costly to change processes in order to keep up. There are competitive pressures to bring new capabilities to market faster and to respond to ever changing market conditions, or be left behind. Legislative and regulatory requirements demand compliancy, plus the ability to trace to the source and track processes. Business analysts and developers need to be empowered to be able to define application behavior and change the way the application works for them in a more agile fashion. It's all about rapid customization to improve agility and flexibility in the offerings.

Productivity and PersonalizationProgress OpenEdge is the first business process and rules enabled application development platform designed to change with your constantly evolving business environment – a revolutionary approach to streamline your application processes and accelerate productivity. This unique combination will empower you to build true business applications that improve productivity and responsiveness to your customers.

Building an integrated solution that incorporates our industry leading Progress OpenEdge BPM and Progress Corticon BRMS solutions, Progress OpenEdge bridges the gap between applications and outcomes, enabling you to:

  • Gain visibility to make better decisions
  • Be agile to solve problems faster
  • Track and manage to improve business performance

And, by the way, it's easy to implement leveraging existing business logic.

You will quickly experience that bringing these complementary technologies together under a single application development platform provides more than the sum-of-the-parts!

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