Flat File Formats

Enterprise organizations often deal with a wide array of legacy data sources. As business requirements change with time, efficiently integrating these outlying data formats with core systems and databases usually requires intense manual coding and architectural complexity, consuming valuable IT resources and slowing operational responsiveness.

Data Integration Suite effectively answers these data integration challenges, automatically transforming highly-valuable flat files to XML and back. With no development required, Data Integration Suite maximizes developer productivity and delivers a responsive, flexible data integration solution, allowing developers to seamlessly convert flat file data and stream it as XML at runtime to any enterprise application.

  • Ease of Use – maximizes developer productivity by using standard, well known XML and I/O interfaces to provide a fast, scalable solution for converting between flat files and XML
  • Cost Reductions – slashes development costs and time-to-deployment for data conversion initiatives
  • Built-In Conversion – delivers out-of-the-box conversion for a wide variety of file formats
  • Custom Conversion – allows developers to avoid code extensions and instead define the exact native data type and then automate the conversion to XML
  • Streaming Architecture – dramatically reduces the memory required when processing large flat files documents, including files in the multiple GigaByte range
  • High Performance – ensures unrivaled performance and scalability at runtime conversion
  • Cross-Platform Support – full, native support for .NET or Java/J2EE environments
  • Heterogeneous Connectivity – supports full XML-based integration with a wide array of enterprise data sources, including the full range of relational databases, EDI standards, and XML messages
  • Cost-Effective Solution – works as a stand-alone solution that offers a lightweight software footprint, at an affordable costs, and does require a larger application stack

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