• Corticon Studio

    Corticon: Business Rules Studio

    Corticon Studio allows you to easily model and deploy business rules without the need for traditional programming.

  • Corticon Server

    Corticon: Business Rules Server

    Corticon Server is the patented "no-coding" rules engine, and its performance is unmatched in the industry

  • Data Connector

    Corticon: Enterprise Data Connector

    Corticon Enterprise Data Connector can help you connect your decision services to external data sources, increasing agility without the need for expensive custom coding.

  • Corticon Business Rules Management System - BRMS

    Corticon: BRMS for OpenEdge

    Progress Corticon BRMS for OpenEdge is a combination of two industry leading technologies used to automate decision making logic with agility and business control, helping organizations make better, smarter, and faster decisions.


  • Corticon: eCommerce

    Corticon's patented business rules engine for eCommerce automates decisions so you can act fast to meet customer demands.

  • Corticon: Financial Services

    Automate the business rules that drive your financial services offerings with Progress Corticon. Learn about agile business rules now.

  • Corticon: Healthcare

    Corticon business rules engine automates decisions so you can deliver healthcare apps much faster. Find out how.

  • Corticon: Insurance

    Business Rules automation for insurance organizations with Progress Corticon helps you achieve operational and IT agility. Learn more.

  • Corticon: Public Sector and Government

    Automate operational decisions and web-enable intelligent citizen interactions.

  • Corticon: Other Industries

    Business Rules automation empowers any industry to achieve operational and IT agility. Learn more about Progress Corticon.



Progress' Mark Allen Talks Corticon, Business Rules Management with Sky News Australia

Hear the CTO of Progress Corticon, Mark Allen discuss the market need for business rules management technology and shares what makes Progress Corticon unique among business rules management systems (Sky News Australia)

eBook: Sparking Agile Business Decisions

Learn how automating business decisions with Progress Corticon takes business agility to a whole new level. It’s packed full of industry examples and real-world stories of customers like eBay that are reducing change cycles by as much as 90% and getting new products out the door up to 85% faster.