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ScientiaMobile provides accurate mobile device intelligence and image optimization solutions that improve the mobile experience and make web pages load faster.

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About ScientiaMobile

Most of the traffic on the web today is mobile. The increasing diversity of mobile devices makes it difficult for developers to optimize images correctly. This is no job for human beings. Too many moving parts.

This is why ImageEngine by ScientiaMobile is different from the average image optimizer. Unlike its competitors, ImageEngine optimizes content for mobile devices by leveraging proactive device detection. ScientiaMobile’s industry-leading WURFL device detection is built into ImageEngine’s CDN to enable automatic image optimization based on the device's size and capabilities. No other solution on the market effectively leverages device detection. ImageEngine proactively uses the device information and, depending on the browser, OS, size, and capabilities of the device, the image may be resized, compressed and converted differently. And even though ImageEngine delivers amazing results on mobile devices and apps, images are optimized equally well for desktop browsers. ImageEngine is easily integrated into Sitefinity. You can read our guide at or speak with a sales engineer today!

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