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Our philosophy is to deliver not just a system, but a long-term solution. Proteus WMS is highly intuitive, it is easy to learn and use. This means we can train your team to manage your system going forward. We’ll always

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About Proteus Software Limited

Proteus WMS is intelligent warehouse management software (or WMS) designed to help your business operate more efficiently. Although all warehouses share much in common, each one is individual in the way it works, with different processes and priorities. That’s why our specialist, best of breed software is highly flexible, to shape and match the precise requirements of your warehouse operation. By automating your business processes and tasks, Proteus WMS replaces slow, out-dated or even paper-based systems that impede growth, with a powerful system tailored to your business needs. This will eliminate potential for human error, increase efficiency, optimise resources, improve productivity and drive down costs.

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