My Office Apps is dedicated to providing the most adaptable and cost effective, cloud based Enterprise Resource Planning solution, Kechie ERP.

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About My Office Apps

Kechie is a cloud-based inventory management suite that caters to small to midsize businesses in all industries. It’s an Adaptable & Easy to Use Solution, without needing any integrations.

Kechie streamlines your business needs by automating and synchronizing the inventory management, procurement, order management, CRM, finance, VMI, RMA, and much more. It adapts to your business with customizable fields, easy implementation, and by being ready to grow with your business.

My Office Apps is an award winning software company that offers comprehensive solutions that can be run in any business environment, regardless of the size or industry. Through their 40 years of expertise within the manufacturing and distribution industries, they have designed an ERP solution which simplifies business complexities and streamlines businesses’ inventory and supply chain management needs. My Office Apps strives to empower and propel companies to new heights by maximizing efficiency and providing powerful forces for advancement.

Kechie integrates with shipping, EDI solutions, tax management, credit card processing, eCommerce solutions, and more. Support is available 24/7 through phone, email, and in-software help desk.

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Kechie has the best value for money for an ERP that our company needs. Comparing the same features with our previous ERP provider, it offers almost 80% - 90% savings.

Ari - Sensoria Inc.,

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