INFOS, Informática e Serviços, SA


INFOS is one of the leading Portugal providers of information technology services and business solutions.

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  • OpenEdge
  • Management of Companies and Enterprises
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail Trade
  • Software
  • Wholesale Trade
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

About INFOS, Informática e Serviços, SA

For more than 28 years, INFOS’s story has always been about innovation and thinking outside the box. Since the beginning of our foundation we have been specializing in offering vertical market software addressing the needs of specifics industries (i.e. since 1994 in textiles and apparel industries) and working with/on Progress technologies (i.e. since 1993 working with/on Progress 6.0 version).

In the last 6 years, many things have changed in our company, not exhaustive, i) our shareholders composition; ii) the markets operated; iii) the products portfolio; and, iv) the team competencies and size.

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