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ImageEngine by ScientiaMoibile is a smart CDN and the only solution in the market that combines proactive device detection with image optimization and CDN capabilities. With 24/7 ticketed support, ImageEngine is software-as-a-service.

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About ImageEngine by ScientiaMobile

In 2015, ScientiaMobile decided to push its innovation to a new level by leveraging its core competence of device detection to solve the issue of slow loading mobile websites. Oversized images are the primary reason websites load slowly on mobile devices. However, to effectively solve this image-related problem, websites need tools to identify mobile devices, resize images, and deliver them quickly. ScientiaMobile brought together device detection, real-time image resizing, and a content delivery network (CDN) in one seamless solution. ScientiaMobile called this solution ImageEngine. In addition to reducing end-users’ page loading time by 60%, ScientiaMobile’s innovative ImageEngine solution is revolutionizing the CDN industry by delivering superior performance and sharing cost savings from performance with its customers. In 2018, IIya Grigorik, web performance engineer at Google, touted ImageEngine 's customer case study findingd on twitter saying "Furnspace rolled out image optimization: 'our average page weight went from 4MB to 400kb; we have seen a 100% increase in conversions and a 20% decrease in bounces' @ — bytes matter."

ImageEngine by ScientiaMobile continues to push the envelope and rolled out an even faster 2.0 version November 2020.

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“Despite our own optimization of product images and Shopify having its own CDN, ImageEngine immediately improved results by reducing load times from 30s to 6.7s and bounce rate improved by 80%. With ImageEngine, we boosted sales by over 10% during our peak sales season.”

Christopher Tan, VP of Technology and Operations,

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