Breakout Abstracts

Queen Room:

Title: "Build new revenue streams through embedded data replication"

Description: “To keep up with the rapid changes that occur in today's business world, reporting and data analytics solutions require real time access to information. Real-time access facilitates faster, more precise and effective decision-making than those made against “stale data." However, the ability to acquire this data is often the limiting factor in making any kind of business decision. Your customers know this, and chances are, so do your competitors. How are you taking advantage of this opportunity?

In this session, you’ll learn how embedding OpenEdge Pro2 within your product will provide your organization with a new stream of revenue and help increase customer retention. We are joined by one of several Progress Application Partners who have successfully embedded Progress OpenEdge Pro2 into their application, to discuss business challenges, solution implementation, and the benefits derived from this unique market opportunity.”

Travelers Room:

Title: "Leveraging the embedded analytics revolution to generate new revenue opportunities."

Description: “An application without analytics at its core is not a modern application. Embedded analytics have gained popularity because they centralize analytics within the context of the application that users rely on daily. As a result, according to the 2016 State of Embedded Analytics, embedded analytics drives 45% of an application's value.

As consumer demands continue to change, the requirements for successful embedded analytics change as well. Deeply embedded analytics achieve three important objectives: drive new revenue streams, reduce customer churn and more fully engage users. This session, presented by Brian Brinkmann, VP of Products at Logi Analytics, will rely on data from the Logi Analytics 2017 State of Embedded Analytics survey to highlight key trends in the market and how application owners should effectively plan their roadmap.”

Sabal Room:

Title: "The Holistic Approach to Securing OpenEdge Applications"

Description: “As business application security has evolved, so has a standard framework of protective measures necessary for doing business in today’s Wild West environment. But security requires much more than a quick draw. Instead, start by asking three questions: What don’t we know? What do we need to protect? Who can help us? Then based on your overall requirements, the “why” of security, you can then formulate a plan-of-attack to address your needs, and decide on what technologies can best be applied to secure communications, authentication and authorization users, validate data input, achieve data security, and more.”

Sabal Room:

Title: "Transforming the customer experience"

Description: “Your business is no longer just about technology. Users have come to expect ever-improving user experiences. We’ve gone from a world of desktops, to laptops, to tablets and mobile devices. Have your OpenEdge applications kept up with this fast-paced evolution? If they haven’t, it’s a pretty good bet that your competition is working hard to outpace you. The challenge: how do you justify the cost of improving or replacing your current UI?

This session will look at the business factors that you need to weigh as you consider modernizing your UI, and ultimately the user experience. In the end, will the benefits outweigh the investment? You will hear from other Progress Application Partners how they tackled the UI modernization effort, with a focus on the initial business justification and the resulting benefits from this change.”

Foxtail Room:

Title: "Cloud Craze: Which Cloud Services are right for you?"

Description: “These days, it’s a rare company that hasn’t had some experience in the cloud. Whether for e-mail, website hosting, customer relationship management (CRM), or data storage, the cloud is now fundamental in how companies do business. Recent Cisco research says that by 2019, 86% of data center workloads will be processed in the cloud.

If more than half of your customers’ IT assets are now cloud-based, then what about their OpenEdge business applications—are your customers asking you to support their journey to the cloud? This presentation will provide pointers as to which cloud services may be appropriate to support OpenEdge business applications. You will hear from a Cloud Services provider, IS Corp, who collaborate with Progress Application Partners to provide private, secure cloud services to their customers.”

Queen Room:

Title: "Not just a pretty face: A great UX is more than just a great UI"

Description: “Hamburgers, Parallax, Micro-Moments, and Breaking the Grid—these are just some of the UI/UX buzzwords for 2017. Add to that Content Management, Omni-Channel, and Mobile First and you might think that companies are on their way to creating the perfect user experience. But increasingly, they’re finding out the hard way that this 2 dimensional view—what happens on the screen and how this changes with different screens—is lacking a critical 3rd dimension: What happens behind the screen?

In this session, we’ll explain how the success of digital business initiatives is becoming increasingly reliant on a ‘3D’ approach to UI/UX design, which includes the back-end systems that support them. More importantly, you’ll learn how this is translating into significant new product and services revenue opportunities for partners.”



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